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Since 1948, Solari has been involved in industrial and civil timekeeping: constantly diversifying and updating its range of products, from control clocks, to time clocks or those for direct reading with modern design that fit into any setting.
Reliability, precision, personality, appearance and affability are the guidelines of the new Solari terminals. Magnetic band, radio frequency, fingerprint readers and smart cards that provide a high degree of security.
Along with guiding passengers and the waiting public, there are also many other information requirements that make up a complex combination that is constantly changing. Solari is capable of offering focused, optimized turnkey solutions.
For the management of
information in a railway station.
Solari integrates specific
products and resources
designed and evaluated to
provide a system that is
homogenous and reliable,
complete and standardizable.
AutostradeTrasporto pubblico UrbanoGestione sostaWait and Watch
Motorways and City Info   
The Solari integrated solution includes variable message boards and the control system to provide traffic information increases the amount and timeliness of information for drivers, thus optimizing traffic and improving roadway safety.
Public Transportation
Various solutions that range from simple displays for passenger information (vehicle stop display) and those for advertising with wireless technology, and complex solutions for the visually impaired.
Solari offers products and systems for the management
of urban parking areas. The
new design and peerless technology, the Spazio
parking metre stands up to
any comparison on the
national or international market.
Managing queues, optimizing
waiting times and services
and communicating valuable
information to customers,
are all elements that define
SOLARI's queue management
and Digital Signage solutions.
Spazio Solari