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For more than 60 years now SOLARI UDINE has been operating all over the world and it has been entering into strong business cooperations with its resellers regularly, thus creating with them a kind of relationship that goes far beyond a simple customer-supplier relation. Thus, the Company can boast more than 80 Partners and Resellers throughout Italy and all around the world.
Its philosophy of making use of local Partners, with the goal of sharing with them the business activity has always been the only strategy of the Company. Such cooperation not only expresses itself on a trade basis, but is also based on the development of new solutions and on the customer care activity.
The R&S Department of Solari has frequent contacts and monitors its partners in order to grasp their needs and this way it yields day by day the most technologically advanced solutions meeting market needs. Training and know how transfer among all Company’s Departments are the key to the Company’s and its Partner’ success.
A sense of belonging, the desire to become always more important and the will to impose themselves on the trade represent the essential requirements Solari expects from its Partners in exchange for reliability, respect and support.

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