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"Moving with the Times" CEO Magazine, January 2018
The CEO Magazine, inside the new release of January 2018, features an article by Solari di Udine. It tells the story of our Company, and presents the latest news and technology development.

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"Noi fabbrichiamo orologi diversi dagli altri". - 14 April 2015
Solari lineadesign is a new brand which encompasses Solari's creativity, brilliance and experience, and will re-launch the products that have made the history of the company and of industrial design: clocks artfully constructed with a technology which - in a world where everything changes quickly - has been perfect and unchanged for over 50 years.

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P&D Machine SPAZIO- Krakov

Induction ceremony for the start-up of 315 SPAZIO P&D machine installation in Krakov (PL) by Solari di Udine.
(Article taken from  Gazeta -  July 1st, 2009) 
Read the complete article on Gazeta website.

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