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Activation of the first “3-line LED” display for the city of Amsterdam

GVB (Gemeentelijk Vervoer Bedrijf), a company that manages the public transport service in the city of Amsterdam, has entrusted Solari di Udine in collaboration with Spie Nederland with the implentation of the information network for transport.

Recently, the first displays were activated as part of a public information system that will be implemented with over 600 displays of different types, LED or TFT, at the tram and bus stops.

Unlike the more common yellow LED technology, LEDs chosen for this system have a “white colour" to allow greater visibility of information and a more elegant effect.

Through the discussion and the analysis of the client’s needs, Solari di Udine developed a new type of display, based on TFT technology, with a small size, that, thanks to a vertical orientation, can be placed even at the bus stops where space is limited.

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