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Solari on the roads of Holland

A 10 meters long LED information display, with Walk-in structure, has just been installed and tested in the nearabouts of Breda, on the highway segment that leads to Rotterdam. It’s a full color LED matrix panel, overarching the entire roadway, that allows maintenance interventions in any weather conditions.

These specific models of DMS are not common in Countries with clement weather, but it’s quite used in northern Europe and north America, due to the fact that snow, rain or strong winds might be present almost every day, affecting in a negative way maintenance activities. The particular cabin (Walk-In) grants access to the inner parts of the device in a sheltered ambient, avoiding the device components, maintenance technician and his instrument to be exposed to inclement weather conditions. This way, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance might be performed at any time, thus reducing at the minimum the downtime of a device so important to communicate crucial information to drivers.

This is one of seven identical DRIP installations (Dynamic Route Information Panel) completed by Solari on Dutch highways in the last years, besides many other of different kinds. The company has strengthened its presence on the Netherlands roads network, confirming its excellent and productive relationship with the RWS (Rijkswaterstaat), the royal authority concerning both waterworks and the main roadways.

For years Solari has been designing and installing public information systems in Holland. In addition to the highway displays, which have different sizes and uses, the company also provides information systems for urban public transport in Rotterdam, Groningen and Drenthe. As a fact, Solari is the first supplier of road information systems on the roads of the Country.

SOLARI equipment delivered to Holland had already got through different certification processes, getting the approval by the IMQ from Milan (Italian institute of Quality Mark), but in Holland it is necessary to overcome the validation by the ToRo (TestOmgeving ReferentieOmgeving, RWS’s institute which tests quality and suitability to specific requests of the tender), that is more restrictive and demanding than many other European institutes.

The ToRo certification obtained by Solari, for the whole range of DRIPs, gives to Solari the possibility to design further information systems in Netherland; moreover, it represents a proof of design and manifacture flexibility and ability to reach high quality standards for any kind of public information system all over the world.
The walk-in DRIP panel

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