Solari Udine
research & development
The modern era of Solari starts in 1948, year in which the present-day factory buildings were constructed; within a few years
the world’s first public information systems are produced; i.e Liegi train station and Vienna International Airport.
A long series of success stories in such spheres as innovation, research and technology ensue.
The world’s technologies being fast-growing, it is ever more important for companies to dedicate growing resources to research
and development; the aim being to provide ever more advanced customer-oriented solutions.

In order to maintain high quality standards, reliability  and competitive cost for solution proposals, Solari constantly employs its development centres for the design of multi-user software, CAD/CAE workstations for design and development of its high
integration-level electronic circuit boards.
Also, Solari exploits a highly specialized opto-electronics laboratory to meet quality standards.
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