Solari Udine
Quality, energy saving and environmental responsability
Each and every Solari product undergoes severe functional testing for at least 24 hours. Throughout this period of time
performance is checked and mechanical parts are tested so as to ensure 100% functional test coverage on all products.
Electrical and electronic components are checked by sophisticated testing equipment and defective components are
discarded so that each product leaves the factory completely fault-free. For this reason SOLARI DI UDINE SPA is
certified since October 1998 and UNI EN 9001:2000 certified in the year 2003. Furthermore Solari di Udine SpA has
been SNCF (French Railways) certified for LED displays and validator machines; RFI approval for Railway displays and
Chronological Event Recorders; homologation for P&D machine and credit-card payment system; Highways PMV
Variable Message Signs certifications; SAP approval for time & attendance and access control management; certification
for automative application equipment; SOA homologation. It has been Solari’s long-standing responsive attitude toward
energy saving that has enduced design and development of its products to lower energy consumption and, where it was
possible, to choose alternative energy sources (as in the case of the Solar panel powered P&D machine).
Energy-saving and environmental awareness require similar consideration: each technical solution is bound by Solari
regulation to the choice of ecocompatible materials that are easily recycled. Solari only mounts ROHS-compliant
components on its printed circuit boards.

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