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To make use of one’s time as one deems fit is one of man’s main objectives in life. At the office, at home, wherever, each person
needs to keep track of time. Solari transforms this concept of time to suit individual requirements and offers a means for
interaction with time and precision timing.
This skill has made the company so well known as to make it the world leader on the public information market, including
productssuch as time clocks, time and attendance terminals and more complex information systems.
Solari di Udine is your ideal partner for public information display systems, industrial time-keeping equipment and data collection systems. Solari supplies turnkey systems and looks after the Customer from the design stage all the way through to
after-sales support. The design tradition, a long-standing hallmark of Solari's style, follows an evolutionary path, going from its
famed Cifra 3 on display at the New York Museum of Modern Art to more recent products, like public information display systems, terminals, clocks, etc..
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